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When people think about planning a wedding, the usual focus is on the details surrounding the actual ceremony & the reception (what kind of gown, what kind of flowers, what kind of music, what kind of food, who will be the DJ, the song for the first dance, what kind of cake etc. etc.).  However, the 6 to 8 hours before the wedding ceremony begins - often require other types of intricate planning. For this bride and groom, we reserved two private suites at a beautiful hotel in downtown Salt Lake City - with mountain views and kitchenettes. The hair and make-up artists were scheduled months in advance and came to the hotel to do their magic.  Custom robes and custom hangers for both mothers and the bridesmaids were pre-ordered and gifted to each person. Food and beverages were brought in, to keep everyone fed and hydrated. The photographer arrived to capture all the varied emotions in both the bride and the groom's suites (such as the groomsman presenting the groom with a touching gift and the bridesmaids having some fun). Meanwhile, the team had been at the ceremony and reception venues since 7 am: greeting vendors, making sure everything ordered from the vendors was accounted for, directing the vendor set up, double-checking everything is configured properly and addressing any issues - if they arise. To keep everyone on schedule, the entire bridal party, key family members and all vendors - had been given a multi-page color coded timetable of events - indicating when and where they were to be and the specifics of their responsibilities.  A few hours before the wedding, the bridal party begins their scheduled departures from the hotel - ensuring that the timing was such that the groom would not see the bride in her gown.  First to leave the suite was the bride.  The vintage limousine arrives right on time - to transport her and her six foot train to the wedding venue. The rest of the bridal party follows the transport instructions on their color coded timetable  - in order to get to the ceremony site in plenty of time. . .

Photographer: Ashley Rae   Bridal Gown:  Lazaro Bridal  Garter:  Love, Like, Style  Dresses:  Alfred Sung   Custom Suits:  Tailor Cooperative Custom Hangers:  Etsy    Robes:  Lavish Robes  Limo: Something Borrowed, Something Vintage

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