birthday • arrowhead country club • phoenix, az


keith's milestone birthday


luncheon celebration


110 guests

This 80th birthday luncheon was a lot of fun to plan for Keith, an "outdoorsy" gentleman.  Wanting a masculine feel, we chose a room with river rock pillars, wrought iron accents and great views of the golf course.  His birthday cake was a three tier chocolate cake with ivory buttercream frosting and wrapped in muted raffia ribbon.  Since it was Keith's 80th birthday, we thought it would be both fun and relevant to showcase different periods of his life.  Instead of using floral centerpieces - we worked with a graphic artist and statue company to create two foot photographic statues.  There were 11 dining tables and 11 statues.  As guests entered the room, Keith's life was highlighted across the room via the centerpieces.  Keith had been an avid river rafter throughout his life.  So we incorporated river rafting into the event:  a large banner of him floating down the Little Colorado river greeted guests at the entrance, a life vest was used as a guest book and a miniature camping tent was used to hold his birthday cards.  We also created a three page (engaging and often humorous) booklet with a picture of Keith and his river rafting buddies - entitled "80 things you may not know about Keith." A luncheon buffet, a birthday video entitled "to the moon & back" and a champagne toast -  all contributed to a heartfelt and memorable celebration for Keith, his family and friends.

Cake:  Honeymoon Sweets    Graphic Artist:  Wicked Melon   Statues: Inspirational Cut-Outs  Video Production:  Bill Weideman Cake Topper: Anto-Arts

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