celebration of life

Lori, you're simply THE BEST. You envisioned, captured and executed such a meaningful and lovely tribute to my mother’s life and legacy. My family and I were touched by every heartfelt detail and the manner in which you orchestrated the memorial and dinner reception in such a short window of time. The positive feedback from our guests continued - weeks after the evening ended.

Thank you for EVERYTHING !

- mary



"LORI!! I wish I could have spent more time with you last night or been able to give you the biggest hug ever… Everything about last night was perfect!! More perfect than I ever could have imagined! I wanted you to know we have already received so many compliments about how impressed people were with the wedding and reception. Thank you for making my dreams come to real life. We were so lucky to have you! Also, make sure to tell your crew how phenomenal they were! All three made my family and especially me, feel so calm and at ease. They were fantastic! Thank you again Lori, for putting together the wedding of my dreams!"

- ana


client retreat

"We retained Lori at to assist with a weekend event that we hosted in Sonoma County for an institutional client. This was obviously an important weekend for our law firm. Lori understood the significance and planned a professional, but incredibly fun weekend. She took the time to understand the area of law in which we practiced and incorporated our practice area in clever ways throughout the weekend. She planned the activities, had custom wine labels made with our firm’s name and orchestrated welcome baskets with notes emphasizing our firm’s philosophy. At the conclusion of the weekend, our clients received closing gifts (again with a personal touch) allowing us to thank them in a meaningful manner. Lori is passionate about corporate event planning and fully understands how to make an impact. Her focus on every detail - allowed us to continue to focus on our work. The weekend could not have been more successful and we cannot thank Lori enough.”

- marion



"Lori, just a quick note to thank you for such a lovely working relationship. You win for my favorite planner this season. Thank you again!"

- meg, event rental mgr


celebration of life

Lori, you are my forever “go to” person for elevating any significant occasion. Thank you for making my father’s Celebration of Life both beautiful and poignant. My family and I received so many comments saying it was the most “thoughtful, moving and loving” memorial they had ever attended.

Thank you for listening attentively. Thank you for your creative ideas, impeccable taste and commitment to the perfect execution of every detail (obituary, website and invitation edits, guest book, floral design, ceremony and program construct, music, reception luncheon decor, food and beverage).

Because of you, I was able to be totally “present” that day and honor my father. That was the greatest gift of all . . .

- michelle


cocktail party

"I hired Lori to plan my daughter’s college graduation celebration - a cocktail party for friends and family. My daughter graduated early, so the party took place during the holiday season at my home. Lori blended the graduation theme perfectly while still having an understated holiday vibe. She literally transformed my home into a breathtaking venue, with winter white decorations, warm wood accents and elegant floral arrangements. A white leather bar (staffed with an engaging bartender) kept everyone hydrated while a DJ and dance floor energized guests with great music and dancing. Lori wanted the guests to have a real feeling for my daughter's personality. As such, we had her choose six meaningful quotes that expressed her personal philosophies. These quotes were transcribed onto walnut boards by a calligrapher and placed on mantles and easels throughout the party. The great thing was that my daughter could keep the boards after the party and hang them in her apartment. Although the party reflected my daughter’s tastes, it was equally appealing to all ages, including her grandparents. The party featured delicious vegan options (for my daughter and many of her friends) along with other amazing food choices - all presented with a fun flare. Kobe sliders were passed by the catering staff, two salad options were served in white take-out cartons tied with a silver ribbon, seafood and sushi were displayed on ice in a large stainless steel trough and a mash potato bar - where the potatoes were served in martini glasses with numerous toppings. Lori handled all the details so that I was able to enjoy this special life event with my daughter. The next day, I received 17 text messages expressing how beautiful the party was - with many people telling me it was "the best party" they had ever attended. My daughter was so pleased with the party and I cannot thank Lori enough for planning this memorable event."

- anna


grand opening

"YOU ROCK…!!! I cannot thank you enough for pulling off a flawless event. You made it look so beautiful and took care of everything - so that we were able to enjoy the party. SERIOUSLY, you are a gem! Many, Many thanks!"

- vanessa


milestone birthday luncheon

"From the moment I walked into the 80th birthday party planned for my husband, I was amazed at the personal details Lori orchestrated for this event. We held a luncheon celebration at Arrowhead Country Club with 110 guests. From the invitations, to the room selection, to the place settings, to the three tier cake with raffia—everything was elegant but also masculine. We gave Lori creative control over the event and she did not disappoint. Most notable were the centerpieces. She had asked my husband for thirty photos of him from birth to present day. From those photos, she selected eleven. Behind the scenes, she worked with a graphic artist to convert each of the eleven photos into sepia tone with one splash of color per photo. She then found a company that would turn the photos into 2 foot acrylic statues. When guests entered the party - there was a visual of my husband’s life across the entire room. I had never seen such a creative idea! She also interviewed my husband and created a handout for each guest with 80 interesting and funny items about him - to coincide with his 80th birthday. She worked with me to create a personal video with music representing his family, friends and significant moments during his life. It was was both upbeat and sentimental. She also had made - a six foot color vinyl banner showing my husband rafting down the Colorado River - to greet guests at the entry to the party. My husband was an avid river rafter and instead of a guest book we had guests sign their name and a personal message onto a boating life vest—the same kind he was wearing in the vinyl banner. My husband was so very pleased with this celebration. It was both an emotional and fun filled memory. I would absolutely use Lori for any other event and would highly recommend her and"

- sandra


tahoe birthday celebration

“I flew in from St. Louis to attend the birthday party of my dearest friend who lives in Incline Village. It was such a fun and memorable evening! All the details you orchestrated for her celebration were perfect. The eclectic menu, beautiful floral, flowing champagne, exquisite vintage china and the intricately iced cake were all impeccable choices for this occasion. Equally impressive was the stunning Tahoe sunset and the loving, fun filled and sometimes sentimental champagne toasts given by the ladies in attendance. Classy and fabulous!"

- nedra


celebration of life

"Planning a funeral service and a reception for my late husband felt overwhelming. He was a great man and beloved by many people. My family and I wanted to honor him with a reception that was benefiting and reflective of such a man. We knew there would be over 300 people at the funeral and most would join us for a luncheon reception at our residence immediately following. I was not in an emotional place to be able to plan this myself. So I called Lori for assistance. She immediately responded and came to my rescue. "I've got this," she said and then took care of every possible detail to make this special for our family and guests. Driving up to the house after the service, we were greeted by a valet. Smart move on Lori's part since it turned out to be an unseasonably warm April day in Arizona with temperatures in the high 90's. Lori did not want any family or friends to walk too far—either to or from their car in such heat. A greeter welcomed us at the front door and directed us to the cold drinks and the gathering of other guests in the backyard. As guests passed through my home, Lori made sure that the first visual was a strikingly beautiful food serving area draped in white linens and filled with tall flowers arrangements and silver serving dishes. On the patio, Lori's team was manning a beverage station in the shade of the citrus trees. Seating for over 200 people in the backyard under huge white tents was dramatic and invitingly shady. Lori took the time to make sure the tables were appropriately masculine with dark, rich wooden chairs and centerpieces with bursts of green succulents and orange flowers. At each place setting she had placed a custom imprinted card that read “You may know a man by the company he keeps." Inside the card was a lovely note thanking guests for honoring my husband with their attendance and being a blessing in his life. Much is hazy about this day in my memory. But clear as can be, is my knowledge that Lori made this reception special with her vision and attention to detail."

- myra



"Our daughter was married this summer. We had decided as a family that we wanted a certain type of wedding, something elegant and formal but fun too. The type of wedding we were envisioning is not the standard in our community (Salt Lake City). So we had some concerns how the event would be received by our guests. Lori and her team were nothing short of superb through the entire process. The event was held at the Utah State Capitol and we hosted 300 guests. While the venue is elegant and makes for a beautiful setting for a wedding, it comes with many complexities—because it is a State run facility and open to the public. To make it even more complicated, we held the wedding ceremony inside the Capitol with a sit down dinner reception outside on the Capitol’s West Plaza. To work with the Capitol, each vendor must be approved by the Board that oversees the use of the facilities and there are many rules and regulations to work around. Regardless of the complications, Lori and her team spent countless hours ensuring everything ran smoothly. We received consistent communication throughout the planning process up through the day of the wedding and each responsible party was pressed on deliverables. Every detail, whether on location or before the wedding such as the rehearsal dinner, the bride and groom dressing rooms at a hotel and the getaway car, were all planned meticulously. Each member of the wedding party and all vendors were presented with a detailed outline for the day on when and where they should be and the expectations. Even when there was an apparent lull in dancing during the reception, Lori quickly took to the dance floor engaging a few members of the wedding party to ensure “the party” went on. Soon after, the dance floor was filled through the end of the night! Several months have passed since the wedding, and we continue to receive compliments regarding the event from grateful attendees. I find as a consumer that I am often disappointed in the service I receive. It has been refreshing to deal with such a professional as Lori, who understood the importance of this special day to our family and took extraordinary efforts to make it flawless."

- blaine & vicki

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rehearsal dinner

"Lori planned and executed a casual yet elegant rehearsal dinner at my home for eighty guests. She made it look awesome and pulled it off so wonderfully. She is a careful planner and ensured all the details were taken care of, even down to the personally monogrammed bride and groom dessert cups for the gelato bar. She didn't over complicate things and brought so many fun pieces to decorate with, which made the event truly memorable. Lori and her staff were a delight to work with and I would highly recommend her for any event where you want to just relax and enjoy the party."

- andrea


3 day global summit

A wonderful conference with great hospitality! A VERY WELL RUN event.” “The conference was complete in every way!” “I just want to heap on the praise for a fantastic meeting. It was unbelievable – thank you!!” “The conference was very well planned and the agenda complete! Thanks for this experience!”

- post conference survey


graduation party

"As a guest, I had to send you a message that the graduation celebration was absolutely FABULOUS! Seriously, you know how to throw a party ! I heard my husband telling other people it was the most well done event he had ever attended. I have to agree! Class act..."

- julie